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I am King of Skulls, Who Are You?

Hark! I am the King of Skulls, sovereign of LAWZ. Tell me, who might you be?

From the starlit expanses of LAWZ, my comrade LAWZ Beauty and I ventured to your Earth, drawn to its blue-green splendor, and made our descent into the land of stars—Los Angeles.

In a recent escapade to Las Vegas, I beheld the Sphere, an orb with eyes as vast as the cosmos itself, a striking resemblance to a queen from my past. Oh, how your species astounds me with such grandiose high-tech edifices!

Thus, I decree an extended sojourn upon your Earth to indulge in its amusements. I've beckoned to my LAWZ kin to witness your world's marvels. Next month, more skulls and noble Indian Chiefs shall traverse the stars to join us in Los Angeles.

You are cordially invited to grace my establishment. It is a privilege to make your acquaintance, humans.